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Black eyes and encores

What a splendid Saturday. I went to karate with some degree of trepidation, having done no exercise for four weeks while on holiday. In the meantime, Pete had been giving extra training to the mighty Jenny and Chris, two sibling teenagers just about to take their black belts.

Consequently, Jenny beat me 10 to 5 , which isn’t too bad considering the difference in belts. In kickboxing, a punch or kick is worth a point, but a kick to the head is worth two points; when you’re five feet six, and old, it’s tricky kicking someone’s head.

Then Chris beat me by about 83479238472 to zero, and gave me a cut shin and a black eye as a momento. So I’m looking to get a posse together for next week. If just 25 of us have a go, we can show him a thing or two…

And then to The Adam and Eve for a gig with the band. I love playing The Adam; the fee is risible (it just about covers the strings that Lee breaks and our bar bill), and the stage is approximately the size of a postage stamp, but it’s always a great atmosphere, with people dancing and getting into the music. It’s even better now they’ve got a new sound bloke (who I rudely forgot to thank—thanks Tony!) Once we finished the set, the crowd wouldn’t let us off, so we did most of the songs again, and finished around 2 a.m.

You know it’s a good weekend when you wake on Sunday morning covered in bruises, hung over and hoarse.

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