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Calling Bob Brush

When I was a kid, I had an inspirational English teacher named Robert Brush, who gave up lots of his own free time to show me poetry by Dylan Thomas, Pound, Eliot, Brian Patten, Marlowe. He was the reason I had the guts, as a working class lad, to be the first in my family to go to university – and I studied English literature.

A few other people have reported similarly inspirational experiences with him, and emailed me having found this site by searching on his name.

Claire writes,

Mr Brush was my favourite teacher. I love teaching Shakespeare to year sixes in primary and I never fail to get a positive response. I guess enthusiasm is catching.

Elizabeth says,

I came across your site when I was trying to find my ex English Teacher Bob Brush. I understand from the last comment that he was your teacher too. I left school in 1999 and when I rang them to speak to him he had already gone to work elsewhere. I’m hoping to study Writing this year and I thought Mr Brush would be interested to know. I was quite possibly the most frustrating student he ever had, but he saw a lot of potential in me and I appreciated his perseverance. Do you know if he’s on the internet anywhere else, perhaps under an alias?

So, if you know Bob Brush, tell him to mail me; there’s some people want to thank him if they had an email address.

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