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Cambodia Christmas Card

Long-time readers of this site may know that I don’t send Xmas cards to people for a variety of reasons:

What I do instead is choose a charidee that means something to me and give it the cash that I used to spend on cards and postage. This year, it’s the Angkor Hospital for Children in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

When I was in Siem Reap earlier this year, there was an outbreak of Dengue hemorrhagic fever which killed many kids, and the hospital was calling for donations of blood and money. My multiple sclerosis prevents me from donating blood, so I’m donating money instead. (Also, I’m marginally less scared of opening my wallet than I am of massive needles.)

The director of the hospital, David Shoemaker, says that his most memorable experience working there is

seeing a kid die in the ER one evening because his parents had spent all day trying to borrow $1 to pay for transportation to get to the hospital.

So that’s your Xmas card—I hope you like it and whether you celebrate Christmas or not, I hope that 2008 is happy and prosperous for you and yours.

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8 Responses to “ Cambodia Christmas Card ”

Comment by Gill

And a happy Christmas to you too Bruce. The Charity donation is a great idea. I’ve long thought cards are a waste of time, money and resource but on the odd occasions I’ve pointed this out to friends and family I’ve been looked at as though I’ve just sprouted green horns.

It’s even worse with presents. There are charities you can donate to who will provide homes, wells, medicines etc and give you a gift certificate to hand over to the person you’ve donated for. I thought this was a fantastic way to give something useful that really makes a difference, instead of the usual item the person doesn’t really want and offloads at a car boot sale in the spring.

Unfortunately most of them would rather receive the dross. A big change in thinking is required.

Comment by Matt Machell

Happy tidings of the winterfest!

The sheer volume of paper wasted on cards is ridiculous. Lots of charities do kits where you can collect money instead and everybody in an office who would have sent a card puts their name up on it instead and gives a donation. Our place has been very good at coordinating such things this year.

Comment by Andy Mabbett

This year my Christmas cards have gone to the dogs – to Birmingham Dog’s Home, to be precise.

This is part charitable donation, part environmentalism, and part consolation for the fact that my lifestyle precludes me from keeping a pooch of my own.

Merry Christmas!

Comment by JackP

I think more and more people are going down the charity collection route – it’s been happening in our office for about 5 years now.

It means our desks are no longer cluttered up with something that would be thrown away in a weeks time – and that a village in West Africa has helped have a well maintained.

That makes me feel a lot better than a picture of a snowman or an angel on my desk. (and while I’m usually a pinko, I’m not usually irreligious – unless I’m arguing with someone who is being particularly obnoxious about their beliefs)

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