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Celine Dion in AC/DC cover shocker

Celine Dion’s cover of AC/DC’s You Shook Me All Night Long was morbidly fascinating, until her partner in crime shouted “C’mon Girlfriend!”, and Celine replied “Oh yeah!” in oh-so-rehearsed rock’n’roll ecstasy.

At that point, the primal instinct of self-preservation compelled me to bite off my own ears.

Thanks for sending me that, Jim O’Donnell.

14 Responses to “ Celine Dion in AC/DC cover shocker ”

Comment by Rob Kirton

Truly Gob smacking.

Celine Dion – Pink and Meredith Brooks

The track is an old fave of mine, from many years ago. I honestly thought you were taking the p*ss until of course I played it.

Celine – Has always made me puke, I think it is the old titanic thing….
Pink – To coin an old AC/DC song title “She’s got Balls”, though what she was thinking of when she came out with “C’mon Girlfriend” I’ll never know
Meredith – Good old country girl, apple pie and mom sort of stuff, rockin’ out.

Who the hell thought of this, and why?

Worth playing again for two things. Celine duck walking onto stage and later playing air guitar behind Meredith. Brought a smile to my face and anything that makes anybody smile can’t be too bad a thing :0)

Comment by Rob Kirton

Nah, I am confusing Meredith Brooks with somebody else (can’t think who – old age catching up)

She’s the one who wrote & played “Bitch”. OK MOR – Rocker. Kind of fits in, as opposed to Celine ……

Comment by Rob Kirton


Of course Anastacia!

I’m having a bad music day. Saying that so are these three :0) Though not owning any of their stuff, I should still know who they are :0)

Comment by Ant

Nothing will let me forget the sickly contrived air-guitar during the instrumental break!!!! Celine doing Angus!! I’ve seen & heard it all now and will go and poke nitting needles into my eyes & ears!!!

Puts Hayseed Dixie to shame!


Comment by shopping

Let me say up front that just reading the title of your post left me ill. I’m an ardent fan of AC/DC, and – and I cannot stress this enough – I DO NOT LIKE CELINE DION. Now that that is out of the way, I have to say that I was shocked to discover that this wasn’t as bad as I had been expecting. I agree with you that there was a clear feeling of over-rehearsal to the piece; besides the pointless banter between the two women, I thought the opening guitar licks were too much on the beat. But I actually found it interesting to have a woman singing these lyrics. Without question they were always intended to be risqué, but in the mouths of these women they became downright filthy, and more than that, seemed to express a kind of feminine empowerment that really shifted the way I will see the song from now on. Reminded me of Alanis’s “My Humps” in that sense. So, while I don’t know that I would want to put it on my Ipod, I have to say – with undeniable shock — it didn’t suck.

Comment by Tanya

I actually laughed when I read about this. I like Celine, I like AC/DC, but together? Surprisingly, I found that it did not totally suck. It wasn’t the best that I’ve heard, but these women kinda rocked. It wasn’t meant to be AC/DC. They were having fun and I think it was ballsy. Is it worth downloading to ipod? No way! But its worth a laugh and five minutes. And by the way, knitting needles in your eyes and ears? Please reserve that for anything J.Lo sings (she sounds horrible) or American Idol auditions.

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