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“Diary of a mother with a paedophile neighbour”

It may not be the most polished-lookling blog, but it’s from heart and it took a lot of courage to write: my friend “Cynj” is the mother of a three year-old girl, and lives next to an alleged paedophile.

She’s found her daughter missing from her garden, to discover her on the neighbour’s bed. She been for a drink with him and “woke in the morning with livid scratches on my inner thighs, bruises up my back and a large lump on the back of my head”. The police have told her that he likes “to masturbate in front of small children and whilst watching them play”. He’s living below her because he was rehoused for his own protection, yet she can’t get rehoused herself.

She’d welcome your thoughts if you have the time.

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