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DTI: flushing tax money down the pan

Dan Champion asked more questions of the DTI and summarises:

  • The DTI is spending60,000 on building templates for a website launched under a year ago at a cost of200,000.
  • The60,000 is part of the money to be spent ensuring that the DTI website meets the standards the department specified in the original requirements for their site, despite the suppliers of that site being made fully aware of those requirements and failing to deliver them.
  • The DTI is employing Fujitsu, the very same company that received the lion’s share of the200,000 spent on the original site, to meet the standards they were contracted to deliver in the first place.
  • The60,000 covers only one half of the first step in a three-step process.

Leave your comments on his site, where you can read the full story.

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