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Embarrassing YouTube clips, part 1

In the back garden, with Steph and my kids, showing myself to be The Great Duckano:

Sigh. At least all that could happen in my day was someone took a photo of you being a twat which got passed around school.

What kind of so-called “friend” posts videos of you being daft for the whole world to see, eh? Thanks a bunch, Steph.

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7 Responses to “ Embarrassing YouTube clips, part 1 ”

Comment by Ian Lloyd

For some reason, I thought you were standing on a trampoline and about to jump up and down. But no, it was much more of yer basic ground-based duck impressionism.

Comment by JackP

So where did you go then? I saw you, then you turned your back, and a moment later a large duck appeared and waddled around for a moment.

Oh, and I second Shez’s comment πŸ™‚

Comment by bruce

Hah, Jack! If you look very carefully behind the giant duck, I’m walking in perfect synchronisation with it, making me very difficult to spot.

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