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Hello Kitty – what is she singing?

When I was in Bangkok, I bought a lovely Hello Kitty alarm clock that sings to me in what I assume is probably Chinese (or Japanese).

Anyone know what it’s singing, and what it says when I press the button to stop it?

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6 Responses to “ Hello Kitty – what is she singing? ”

Comment by Andrew

This is from a co-worker of mine which is from Taiwan:

Yeah… It’s in Chinese. I can’t get the first part. But it’s singing about something that it can’t find, then you hear a part that’s not singing, that part says “hurry get up hurry get up”, then it sings again about getting late to class. I got a little confused at the end cuz the clock was trying to sing. But it says “Good Morning” in the wrong way when they press the button. Perhaps it’s not wrong, but maybe that’s from China…


Comment by Scott

Andrew has it right in the above post. The song that was played when the alarm goes off is actually from another cartoon show.

Based on that, I conclude that its a knock-off made in China

Comment by bruce

Oh no! A mutant alarm clock! Still, it’s a lovely way to start the day, as you might imagine. Please do ask Manda, Ian.

Comment by Ian Lloyd

Manda couldn’t work it out, so it can’t be Cantonese. But she did say that it was something else: “Annoying” 🙂 How you managed to own it for that long without taking a hammer to it is anyone’s guess, Bruce!

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