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Home again

Back to freezing Blighty, to find that I’m mentioned in The Sun newspaper and that there’s still been no summer. Depressingly, it took six hours to download and filter my emails, and that’s without comment spam on this site.

Have re-enabled comments on my Cambodia posts and am starting to add photo links to said posts. So go and see, and add your comments!

Buy "Calling For The Moon", my debut album of songs I wrote while living in Thailand, India, Turkey. (Only £2, on Bandcamp.)

2 Responses to “ Home again ”

Comment by Glenn

Aw! There was me thinking they’d at least tracked down and exposed the activities of ‘Rev Beelzebub Brown’ (with high def pictures).

Comment by Julie Howell

And you’ve turned into a blonde, speccy woman of indeterminable age…

Have a print copy of the newspaper for you which I will put in the post soon (have been away myself but nothing as spectacular as your own travels).

Glad you back safe ‘n’ sound x

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