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Hooray for Sudan!

cute teddy bear…from both me and my teddy bear, Shiva Anubis Jesus Zeus Mohammed Buddha Yahweh Jupiter Dalai Lama Odin Jah Wicca Flying Spaghetti Monster (pictured left).

The Sudan is fortunate to have very hard-working clerics. You’d think they would have enough to do, protesting against female circumcision and the Sudanese government’s Darfur genocide. But, valiantly, they’ve recently stayed up really late in order to concentrate on the top-priority stuff—the case of a British primary school teacher jailed for allowing her class of seven year olds to name the class teddy bear “Mohammed”.

When I am an eccentric billionaire philanthropist I shall add Khartoum to my list (which already includes Tehran, Jerusalem, Mumbai and the American mid-west) of places that need me to fund urgent humanitarian airdrops of Richard Dawkins‘ books.

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5 Responses to “ Hooray for Sudan! ”

Comment by bruce

She’s been released now, which means alls well that ends well etc.

Another good thing to emerge from the whole sorry (and farcical) episode is that loads of British muslims have come out and pointed out how stupid and medieval the behaviour of those Sudanese clerics was.

And that’s great, as it shows that it’s possible to be muslim, British and not a crazed paranoid blood-crazed freak, which is a lesson some young men in our cities needed to know, and many white middle-class Daily Mail readers had forgotten.

Comment by Christophe Strobbe

I don’t believe that atheist tracts can be helpful against religious fundamentalism; it’s more likely that they create more antagonism between the senders and the receivers. If you were a billionaire philanthropist, it would be more useful to provide funds for schools that provide children with the intellectuals tools that help them deal with superstition, intolerance and rhetoric. Otherwise, these things become part of their frame of reference and make them an easy pray for fundamentalist movements.

And if you insist on dropping books, take a look at ‘From Outrage to Courage: Women Taking Action for Health and Justice’ and ‘Where There Is No Doctor’ (

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