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How was @media 07?

A minor operation for the lovely Mrs Lawson prevented me from attending. What did I miss? Which groovy new techniques were showcased, and which achingly gorgeous new websites were unveiled? Did the microformatters mention accessibility? Who snogged who?

Tell all.

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8 Responses to “ How was @media 07? ”

Comment by Matt Machell

I met up with Mr Mackie, which was a nice surprise!

Presentations were generally better than last year (I learned something!). Venue, not so much.

Generally there was a lolcat and Kung Fu theme running through things.

Comment by paul haine

I think Tantek mentioned that ISO dates were human readable which sounded to me to be vaguely related to the dates-in-abbr-title debate going on. Or something like that. I may have drifted off.

Comment by Olly Hodgson

Yeah, Tantek gave a bit of a wooly answer to the question on accessibility.

He made the point that if you’re using the geo microformat, you’re probably on a page where you’d expect to see/hear co-ordinates. I’m not entirely convinced on that.

Overall though, it was ace. A nice mix of design and implementation, and nothing too theoretical.

Comment by patrick h. lauke

tanktop needs to realise that, even if SOME forms of ISO dates are human readable, they present a problem for users with disabilities. or, to put it another way: if i read the site and somebody keeps poking me in the left eye, i can still read the site, but it’s not as easy.

Comment by JackP

Patrick – doesn’t solve the microformat/date problem, but why don’t you just move seats to get away from the eye-poking?

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