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Is your site like Terminal Five?

Because I’m a serious intellectual, I always listen to Radio 4’s Today programme when driving to work. Today there was an interview with a guy who runs all the big airports about the new runway at Heathrow, in which he said it “will be a landmark moment in construction: it will open on time and to budget”.

Indeed, after the endlessly delayed Wembley Stadium, and ever-increasing bill for the 2012 Olympic infrastructure, he’s absolutely correct that it would be a landmark moment.

I often think building corporate websites is like civil engineering projects: something built to spec, on time and to budget would be almost incredible.

Is your site more like Terminal Five, or Wembley Stadium?

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Comment by Glenn

That’s because we want the perfect website, that does absolutely everything, for everybody, all at the same time. Am I being completely naive (to add to my gullibility) by wondering why we don’t do it bit by bit?

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