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Kathy gets frisky

Having finally seen a tantalising glimpse of Reverend Bruce’s gorgeous body, it’s no surprise that Kathy gets frisky

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Comment by JackP

I’d like to complain.

What in the name of … tarnation … do you mean by:

[graphic pornography removed]

Come on!! Admittedly I get enough of this drivel in my own inbox/comments, but HAWAY!!! … I mean, given all the funcking going on, exactly HOW graphic are we talking?

Give us a clue, at least 🙂

Comment by Bruce

Oh Jack, we’re talking graphic descriptions of exactly what she would do to Rev Bruce. If I were a cynic – which I’m not – I’d suspect a cut and paste job from a porn site somewhere.

Anyway, Rev Bruce has responded.

Comment by Music

You get extra points for sending Shakespeare right over her head (for a someone who loves “an advanced form” of talking, she could use some spelling and/or typing lessons). From a spamming point-of-view, though, you have to give her credit – how much effort must it take to fake poor English skills? And the tenacity is impressive as well. Most would have given up after the first letter. Surely any sane person would have given up after the photo. And yet she persisted. I vote for more of these – it would be nice to have an entire site devoted to spam responses, a little daily dose of honey-covered Spam. Has anyone read Ted Nancy’s work Letters from a Nut. A sort of Crank Callers in print, with hotel guests writing letters to prospective hotels asking how much a room costs, since they plan on absolutely destroying it before they leave. Of course, you have the advantage of having some very righteous justification in your responses.

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