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Marina gets gold and bronze

At the International Sports Kickboxing Association British Open Kickboxing Championships today, my daughter Marina won bronze medal in her weight’s semi-continuous kickboxing. She’s pictured here (right) with her sparring partner Jenna, who won silver (left) and the gold medallist Amber (centre), who comes from Wales (I think).

three eight year old girls, one two in karate headguards, the other holding a trophy

Marina also competed in the light-continuous style, where she contested the gold medal against the equally indomitable Amber. It was an excellent two rounds. Both girls are the same age, but Marina is half a head taller, yet Amber had quick footwork and incredible resilience and bravery. The judges’ decision was split—but the majority decision was that Marina won the title of British Champion.

two eight year old girls in a boxing ring, one holding a trophy

Congratulations to all the fighters, special congratulations to my homegrown champ, and thanks to Pete, our main coach and to Clive who trains us on tuesdays.

Marina at home with trophy and bronze medal

The day also saw a memorable metaphor coined. In the car going to the tournament, Marina told us that her stomach was full of butterflies. On the way home, she told us that she was so excited and proud that it felt as if her tummy was “full of exclamation marks”.

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2 Responses to “ Marina gets gold and bronze ”

Comment by JackP

Congratulations to Marina. Firstly for doing so well in semi-comatose kickboxing (or whatever you call it), secondly, congratulations for doing even better in the slighty-comatose kickboxing but mostly for coming up with such a brilliant metaphor. I’ll have to remember that one…

Comment by Pete

I told you that you could do it Marina. I am proud of you. (Those butterflies help you dance round the ring!)

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