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Nun joke

There’s a car full of nuns driving through Transylvania late at night. Suddenty, Dracula swoops down on the car and clings to the windscreen wipers, leering and licking the glass.

“Quick Mother Superior”, shouts a novice, “Show him your cross!”

“Good thinking!”, replies the Mother Superior, who furiously shakes her fist at the Count and shouts “Oi! Vampire! FUCK OFF!”

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2 Responses to “ Nun joke ”

Comment by JackP

I don’t want to accuse you of pinching my jokes, you heathen bastard, or any such words or phrases, but it appears remarkably similar — if somewhat shorter — to my joke from October last year: Friday Joke: Two Nuns.

Although technically, I guess I pinched it off of someone else earlier…

Comment by Bruce

Damn. Guilty as charge, Jack. But I prefer “unconscious borrowing” to pinching.

(When I was a teenager, and wrote lots of song, I one wrote The Beatles All my loving note-for-note.)

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