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Orange belts

It took us 10 months to train for this, twice a week, but both Marina and I passed our orange belt Karate/ Kickboxing gradings with a grade B. Not bad for a fat old fart with multiple sclerosis, even if I say so myself.

Here we are, very sweaty and dishevelled, after sparring. Warner and Sean comprehensively kicked my arse.

Woe betide anyone who disagrees with me now about the accessibility of microformats or PDF!

40 year old man, 8 year old girl, with boxing gloves and helmets next to punch bag

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Comment by bruce

The one on the right for sure, Glenn… I’m a couple of feet taller and she can still kick higher than I can.

Comment by JackP

Apparently Redux, Pixeldiva and Dan Champion all reckon you’re a big nancy boy and they could take you blindfolded, with one arm tied behind their back. Honest, guv.

If you should happen to bump into them – say in the next day or two – you might want to exact appropriate revenge.

Comment by bruce

Thanks for the tip Jack. Do you reckon Ian Lloyd was also similarly disrespectful? They might be the recipients of a turning backfist or a thrust sidekick….

Comment by Ian Lloyd

Lloydi might also have been similarly disrespectful. And might have done a bit of Wado Ryu Karate in the past too.

(Just try to overlook the fact that he broke his wrist on first Karate lesson by running into a wall. Yes, you read that right.)

Comment by Pete

I am Bruce’s Instructor. He amazed me last week by actually sparring in the ring for 2 x 2 minute rounds. People who are not afflicted by this draining disease don’t have half the heart that Bruce has. Pure determination and hard work from Bruce has made me very proud and pleased. When he first started, he had no confidence in his abilities at all. Two years later, he is starting to show his potential.

Marina cried two months ago. She wouldn’t get in the ring at all. Last week, she boxed like she had been training for years.

Well done both!

Comment by Peter Anderson-Black

I also have M.S. and was somewhat shafted by an Insurance company that I had been paying money to for around 20 years. I got nothing and was told that because my monthly payment was late, that M.S. and payouts don’t go together.

My M.S. is aggressive and put me in a wheelchair inside 2 years. I also trained in Kyokushin Karate for many years, no more, I worked in I.T. for many years for companies such as Compaq and Netscape (Aust. Head Office), etc. No Longer.

Love your site, fyi I found it via Eric Meyer’s site which is one of my regular reads. M.S. has severely effected my vision as well.

Cheers from Down Under!

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