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As I have in-laws in Oslo, and it’s school half-term, I decided to leave the cold, damp, grey skies of the U.K. for the cold, damp, grey skies of Oslo for a long weekend.

Here’s everything you need to know:

Oslo rocks. Sell your house, and you could go for a week.

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5 Responses to “ Oslo ”

Comment by Jim

When you walk into a building, everyone spends about 45 minutes removing earmuffs, gloves, boots, scarves, vests, undervests, seal-fur underwear, heated pants, goggles etc.

I think I saw that in a Scandinavian film once. Something about a man coming to fix the washing machine…

Comment by Daniel Walker

Check out the longship meuseum, on Bygdøy peninsula, west of the City, as well. Beautiful artefacts – and I don’t just mean the three complete viking vessels, either.

Even if you never get to see any of The wooden Stav Kirks, up the Western coast, the ship museum will give you more than a taste for the intricacy and beauty of pre-medieval Nordic wood carving.

Comment by Bruce

Hopefully I’ll go back, Dan (once I’ve sold my house). Thanks for the tips; I love all the artefacts (having written a dissertation on the Sutton Hoo boat graves, many moons ago).

Comment by sysprv

Correct on all counts, Bruce 🙂 I recently moved to Norway for working. Not in Oslo, though. It’s expensive, but everything just works. Had to deal with the police a few times about paperwork and a stolen bicycle that was dumped in my garden- and the policemen actually have a sense of humour 😉
Better than a country where everything’s dead cheap but nothing works quite right.

Comment by Pontus

‘Don’t believe any nonsense about Norwegians being environmentally conscious. ‘

Well, considering that they get 95% of their electricity from renewable sources (compared to Britain’s 2%), I do believe it. 😉

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