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Public Sector Forums accessibility talk

I knew it was a good omen when, the night before last Thursday’s conference, a guy in the hotel lift asked me if I’m The Great Duckano.

The day’s events went very well indeed; our presentations gelled well together, and good questions were asked.

Here are my take-homes about the state of the UK’s public sector accessibility, synthesized from questions and coffee-break conversations.

If you attended the event, or work in the public sector, does that seem an accurate summary?

Thanks to the PSF chaps and Dan Champion for a delicious meal and well-organised conference (Photos).

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4 Responses to “ Public Sector Forums accessibility talk ”

Comment by patrick h. lauke

it was a smashing day (and evening beforehand, of course). what i really loved was that, without much coordination, we all ended up emphasising similar points. great minds…

oh, and get yourself a flickr account, you lazy scoundrel!

Comment by Cole

Seems a good summary to me Bruce. I got a lot from the day and as Patrick says, you all ended up emphasising similar points but each brought something different to the discussion.
I was interested to hear your point about PDFs and the perceived need for transparency. Reminds me of that line from Jurassic Park about being so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should. Would be nice to look at some server logs and see how many of the PDFs we shove online are actually being looked at.
Overall was a really useful day (with some very nice Salmon kebabs for lunch) so many thanks to all the speakers!

Comment by Dan

> without much coordination

Oi! That masterplan took weeks of meticulous preparation, and was executed with military precision (as I’m sure you noticed).

I had a great time, other than the CMS vendor who kept trying to tell me how they had 3 of the top ten sites in SiteMorse’s league tables…

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