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Regular readers will know that when I go out, it’s either with middle-aged punk rockers or web standards wierdos, so when I received an invite to a posh art gallery for a private viewing of a new collection by Melissa Mailer-Yates, I was excited to see how the beautiful people live, with their wine and canapés rather than Stella and crisps. I took my daughter Marina with me, to distract people’s attention from my scuzziness.

The exhibition includes nudes of women with multiple sclerosis, and one of the models is my old mate Julie Howell. It’s an odd feeling, looking at a painting of a mate’s nether regions and trying to say sensible things, so I failed dismally and told Julie that she has a nice arse. Oops.

The paintings are quite attractive, although with some of them, I didn’t really understand what they were “trying to say”. There was also the irony that the gallery had hung some on a small mezzanine floor, accessed via a narrow spiral staircase and therefore completely inaccessible to one of the models who was in a wheelchair.

8 year old Marina and Julie Howell

Anyway, if you get the chance, go see the exhibition. It’s raising money for the MS Society.

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Comment by Julie Howell

(Hoping this comment will make it through the very strict spam filter)

It was lovely to see you, Bruce. And Marina, who must be feeling very confused about it all (as indeed, most adults are). I knew nowt about art prior to this project. I know a tiny bit now. Mostly that art gallery owners don’t immediately think about disabled access (though the matter has been raised – another opportunity to educate and enlighten – all round).

Odd feeling, standing in a room of strangers while the aesthetic quallities of one’s arse are commented upon… but then life is strange at times – that’s what makes it so great. πŸ™‚

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