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Sex n Drugs n Real-World Accessibility, London, August 8

You bring the drugs, and we’ll tell you about real-world accessibility at the second Real World Accessibility Workshop (by popular demand after the success of the first).

Highlights include

This time, it’s open to all – not just public sector workers. Note that we’re not trainers or theorists; we all work, day in and day out, on making real websites accessible.

Tell them I sent you on the booking form – they buy me a pint for every referral, and I’ll snog you afterwards. With tongues.

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5 Responses to “ Sex n Drugs n Real-World Accessibility, London, August 8 ”

Comment by Baron Gomret

I was just about to book my ticket for the event until you mentioned that I would be snogged with tongues. How revolting! I was so disgusted that I showed my wife. She then begins to book a dozen tickets just for herself!

She’ll be getting the papers from my solicitor in the morning. Atchung!

Comment by Julie Howell

Late news… I’m going be making a very compact and bijou presentationette at the event.

You and Patrick may get that aforementioned three-way after all…

You’re on bloody early, mate. There’s not many men I’d get out of bed that early for.

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