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Shez’s 40th birthday party

Ooh my head. The surprise party for Shez was a blast, with loads of old friends dressed up and pissed up. Nick looked very refreshed; Shez himself looked uncharacteristically butch and Bill’s cleavage was ample.

I also think it was the only disco in the world to play Shaved Women by Crass


3 Responses to “ Shez’s 40th birthday party ”

Comment by LemmyX

Yes, the party was dam good and yes, Bill’s cleavage is ample, thanks for noticing Bruce lol.
Glad you came camping

Comment by Shez

Thanks for coming, Bruce – great to see you and Guy there. Did I see you stumbling drunkenly towards the end of the evening, or did you merely trip over the carpet…?

Comment by bruce

Ah shez, it was a good good party at the end of a long long week. Some beer was consumed, I confess.

And you were stone-cold sober, I recall ….

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