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Spam from Kathy Jaunther

It’s been three years since I last replied to spam (attempting to get as many peurile contrived sexual references and scatological jokes in there as possible) and I thought I’d given up the habit.

But I couldn’t ignore the plaintive personal email from Miss Kathy Jaunther, who’s looking for love.

Friday joke

What do you get if you cross a hyena with an Oxo cube?
You just make yourself a laughing stock.

5 Responses to “ Spam from Kathy Jaunther ”

Comment by Andy Higgs

Bruce, how could you toy so devilishly with this poor girl’s heart? She’ll be mortified when she finds out that your not a real pastor.

On the other hand, you’ll be mortified when she turns up at yours with the rest of her family and possessions, all planning on staying permanently.

Can we have a go on your yacht in St Tropez?

Comment by Mike Cherim

Lol, Mr Squidgybum. You crack me up. Especially the letter casually stating how you were looking at anal porn and a laminated letter that wipes clean. This is good stuff.

I did something like this several years ago with a Nigerian fellow who wanted to give me millions. I jerked him around for months. Finally, one day I had to get back to work and was really to pull the plug on my game. I was on the phone with him — I allowed him to call me — and I finally revealed that I was part of an international fraud task force and that we finally had the information we needed. I convinced him that the gig was up and that the authorities would have him in custody in a few minutes.

The phone dropped to the floor and I heard yelling and a ruckus at his end. People were running. I laughed so much I ’bout split my side. Now who’s the scammer? Why it is me, of course: Agent 419 of the International Fraud Task Force.

Keep up the good work.

With deepest love,

Comment by Glenn

Oh no. It’s like bloody Eastenders – or maybe Santa Barbara. Now I will have to watch the bloglines updater minute by minute for the next episode.

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