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Ten reasons why England is great

It’s a tricky thing to say, because the English flag, St George’s Day and patriotism generally has long been hijacked by moron right-wingers, but isn’t England great?

Hurray for England. Have a good St George’s day.

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86 Responses to “ Ten reasons why England is great ”

Comment by Rob Mason

Hurrah for St George’s day indeed.

Pubs – What makes a pub a pub is the smell. …sweat, stale beer, peanuts. Mmmm.

WW2 – difficult to forget this massive event when everywhere you go there are memorials to the brave people who sacrificed themselves so we can have the life we lead now. Also it’s no uncommon to find buildings left as lasting reminders – take St Andrew’s in Plymouth for example.

Comment by Karate Pete

Sometimes people make their point, throw their teddies, wag their finger….. shout the odds. You chose to emphasise your view with a beautiful overview of the soul of England.

You have made this sceptic isle sound like I actually want to live here. Bruce, you are indeed a poet. My forelock is indeed caressed in adoration for such a review.

(The duck thing was a mistake though!!!!!)

Comment by Glenn

Amen to the NHS. It makes a huge contribution to equality and fairness.

In Belgium we have a state health insurance system which re-imburses at set rates. Middle income people think it’s fantastic, and get truly excellent and rapid healthcare. But when you have a problem finding GBP 15 to take your kid to the GP (you have to pay up front and get partly refunded after), you’d really want to be in England.

Comment by bruce

Love your list Bruce – reminds me of why, although always yearning to be elsewhere, at the end of the day this is a cracking place to live – as long as your local isn’t an All Bar 1 or some other crap ‘cool’ bar.

Comment by Pip

Just when I needed reminding why I love England so much, I pass your wonderful page… Thanks Bruce! Miss you and the family every single day. Tons of love Pipx

Comment by Lars

Nice list, but come on — how can anyone be proud of a war with a death toll of over 50 million people???

Comment by Steven

You may passibly pass yourself off as English (though I think the term Briton would be more accurate) but your kids aren’t. I am not being horrible but merely stating a fact.

Thais are Thais. They aren’t Britons and they certainly aren’t English Britons.

Comment by Glenn

Bollocks to that Steven. My kids are English, even though they’ve grown up entirely in Belgium, attended Belgian schools and have Belgian mates. That’s not because they have English forebears through many generations, but because identity is constructed (and continually reconstructed) not determined by blood.

Comment by Steven

I never said there was a difference. Personally, I’ve always defined myself as a Briton. I don’t approve of loony-lefties saying everyone in the world is British when they patently aren’t. This is why we have Islamic extremism in our country with innocent members of the public blown-up on the Tube. It is high time we stopped immigration otherwise we will become a dispised minority in our own land.

Comment by Jim

It’s all been downhill since we let those damn Saxons in from Germany. Send the Anglo-Saxons back to the Continent, keep Britain for the Celts!

Comment by Brenda

Excuse me?

England and our Gaelic cousins Scotland, Ireland, Wales stood alone ???

I wonder then, how did Australia and New Zealand lose over 40000 soldiers in this conflict?

Lest we forget.

Comment by Jim

Not to mention the Canadians, Indians, Gurkhas, Poles, South Africans etc. who fought the Germans in North Africa and the Middle East. Often armed with American tanks and equipment too.

I do wonder, if European fascism so repelled us, how come Franco stayed in power for so long.

Anyway, at this time of year spare a thought for the 80,000+ US soldiers killed fighting the Nazis in the Ardennes at xmas 1944.

The bulldog spirit got us through the Blitz, but I do think the English view of the war tends to denigrate the contributions of everyone who fought.

Comment by Jim

Oops, that 80,000 in my comment should actually be 20,000. My bad.

Feel free to pour scorn on the Vichy French, by the way. They defended Lebanon and Syria like lions, fighting against us (and the Aussies). Fought valiantly, then bravely refused to join the Free French after they surrendered in 1941. If only they’d remembered how to fight like that a year earlier, thus saving the rest of us a lot of trouble liberating them.

Comment by Colin

Bruce, sorry, your kids aint english and i should know, i fought in the war and trust me. The french aint worth shit in my book. there all cowards and the yankees aint any better. please, vote for the BNP. My great grandson is starting colledge, he wants to be a plumber ( great british job ) but , polish people have most of the plumbing industry, and any other industry really. Bring england back to its good old days. where men could wave a england flag without hispanics gunning them down, and they could make a comment on other cultures without being arrested, and we didnt have to wait for ever for some god-damn foriner in asda try to count our money , then short change us. Long Live the queen.

Comment by jill

Hell yeah colin, The french are pricks, The yankees are all overweight and the god damned polish are invade britain and takeing all our jobs

Comment by jill

They think they can come over to our contry and take our jobs and eat our food. Hell no, The time will come where they will all just mysteriously dissappear.

Comment by Bruce

Colin, you say that my kids “aint english and i should know, i fought in the war.”

Which side did you fight on? From the views you express, you were on the losing side.

(As a matter of interest, I don’t remember reading about the incident of hispanics gunning down men waving an England flag. Can you enlighten me?)

Comment by Jim

Ironic to see such enlightened attitudes, really, considering that the Poles fought in the Battle of Britain to keep narrow-minded racists from invading England in 1940. Mind you, before that people like Colin would have been complaining about Paddies (like my grandad) coming over and taking all the building jobs, to be sure.

Here’s a moving video about people who are frightened by a world in which not everyone is exactly like them.

Comment by Ja

I’m sorry but being English is being English. The pakis and others that come over to our country are NOT English. They don’t give a shit about this country and are taking it downhill. Vote BNP! And get this country back to the way it is meant to be. I may sound racist but nowadays everything is, including wanting the best for your country. Long live England and Britain.

Comment by bruce

So, Ja, are you saying that everyone who comes to this country is “taking it downhill”? And for how long has this been taking place? Did the French Hugenots take it downhill? Did the Normans? The Vikings, Jutes, Danes and Saxons?

And I’d be interested to know how this country is “meant to be”. How do you see your homogenous, white England?

Comment by liberal

my goodness, what a terrible country! we welcome with open arms those from less developed places and help them (and their families) live a better life; we tolerate free speech – including words spoken by those who would condemn people from other races or people who have a parent from another race; we have a health care service that treats the sick; we have a library service that feeds the mind for free; we have an education system that strives to eradicate inequality on the grounds of opportunity … Those of you who complain, have you ever lived abroad? do you know what it’s like in much of the world? Please, feel free to move to find your nirvana; just let the rest of us get on with appreciating how much we have to celebrate.

Comment by funny

Funny how you guys can rave about WWII and foreigners in your country all together in one melting pot. Is there any connection the world around you is not aware of? Or are you focused on the past, not realizing that we have severe other problems?
Anyway: it pisses me off to see how degenerated the discussion is (I do really mean the people discussing) and my strong suggestion is: use the short time when your economy is up to focus on the betterment of your own future.

Kindest regards to all the retarded 50’es minds


Comment by Disappointed

As per usual I’m made to feel ashamed of wanting to celebrate all that is good about England and Englishness by the small minded minority who want to align it with Fascism and the BNP.

I’ll ignore the ignorant pricks above and celebrate today in the same way that the Irish celebrate St Patrick’s day – with a smile and a few pints with the melting pot that is my local pub.

Comment by bruce

I’ll ignore the ignorant pricks above and celebrate today in the same way that the Irish celebrate St Patrick’s day – with a smile and a few pints with the melting pot that is my local pub.

Hear hear! That’s where I’m going now.


Comment by Kalle Anka

I am not white or English, but I love England! Never have I felt so great in a white country being a foreigner!

Long Live England!!

Comment by Ellie

bruce, your kids are definately english!
if they were born or raised in england, they are english. i myself have french, german irish (and obvs english) ancestors – but im still 100% english!

great country!!

Comment by Jon

Look you ignorent twats. If both your parents are english then you are english. If both your parents are dutch/french/chinese/any bloody race then so are YOU! Now listen carefully cos this is where some of you retards will get confused. If you were born and spent your whole life in Norway but your parents are German, then you are German. If you were born in south africa but your parents are japanese then you are japanese. Its in you blood NOT your upbringing, yes! growing up in south africa might make you talk/act like a south african, but you are not.
Ok so if your mum is swedish and your dad is english this makes you mixed race and therefore half english and half swedish. A friend of mine has an italian father and and english mother, he has spent all his life in england but considers himself italian therefore denying half of his heritage, his mothers.
Now you may be thinking “what if my mum is half irish and my dad is scotish?” then you are 3 quarters scotish and 1 quarter irish. This is simple maths people!!!
I my self have an english mother and a father who is a quarter irish, this then makes me and my siblings a third irish (tho i hate to admit it)
So i hope we are all clear now that you cant choice wat you are, the 2 people that come together (excuse pun) to give life to you with there own blood is wat makes you you.

Comment by Bruce

Jon said “This is simple maths people!!! I my self have an english mother and a father who is a quarter irish, this then makes me and my siblings a third irish “.

If your father is a quarter Irish, and your mother isn’t Irish at all, then (by your definition) you are one-eighth Irish, not a third. It’s simple maths, John!!!

You say that you can never change — it’s in your blood (is it? really? are there French-only blood groups, and Vietnamese genes? is there scientific evidence of this?). But what about England itself? Nearly every white person in England is descended from Angles, Jutes, Saxons, Normans and Vikings. So, are you saying that there are only a tiny tiny number of ethnically “English” people in England (descended from Celts with no intermarriage in 2000 years, naturally), and that everyone else is some varying fraction of French-German-Norwegian, even after hundreds of years of being here and speaking no other language other than English?

If you could answer those questions to help this confused retard and other ignorant twats, I’d be grateful.

Comment by Jon

I stand corrected, one eighth it is.
Thing is bruce if you wish to look that far back then you may as well go all the way back to the dawn of man where youll realise that we are all the same, we all belong to the same atoms.
Nature is built up of atoms that join and seperate. A hydrogen atom at the end of your nose could at one point have been part of an elephants trunk. A carbon atom in your cardiac muscle could even at one point been part of a dinosaur.
So you see if you insist in looking that far down the human race blood line, you will see that we all built up of the same atomic structure anyway. My point was that by defanition of national boundries in the modern world one must be identified by ones parents genes.
I hope this makes sense.

Comment by David C.

Although i disagree with Jon’s tone I think he has a point. If a person is born in Britain with parentage that is obviously non-white then the sibling will probably relate him or herself as being ethnically “Asian” or “Black” etc..

For example you may have third or fourth generation Indian’s that were born in England, have British nationality and only speak English. However, they will probably consider themselves British by nationality but Indian by ethnicity.

For mixed races if the apperance of the sibling is obviously say Asian or Black then they “may” choose to identify themselves with that particular part of their parentage.

For black people in the UK it must be quite difficult as so many (on speaking with them) do not really know their true lineage. Therefore they are simply part of the “Black” community. That must be tough not having true roots on which to base yourself.

For the most part, those of us that are Caucasian born from any parentage in the UK will simply consider ourselves as British. Why is that? Well, simply beacuse being Caucasian fits into what is considered the “norm” in Britain.

I would like to believe that that as a nation we are not racist. One thing I belive is mistaken for racism is simply noticing a difference between people by there appearance. I think that this is normal and it happens Worldwide. I myself have lived in England, Sweden, Dubai travelling around all of the Middle East, Tanzania, and now here in Thailand. Everywhere I have ever been I am “noticed” for my being white. Or should I say noticed for apearing different than the masses around me.

I too am married to a Thai National and my Children hold both English and Thai nationality. So, what are they? I would say that if they end up growing up here in Thailand then they will be Thai. If we go back to the UK and they grow up there then they will be British.

In my humble opinion, being British means that you grow up surrounded by Britain and all that happens in Britain.

Lastly, and more to the point, another reason England is great is it’s history and what the people of England have produced. i.e. Newton, Darwin, Fleming (both Alexander and Ian), Farady, Kelvin, Watt, Shakespeare, Dickens, to name but just a few. England is brilliant and i am certainly most proud to be English and British.

BTW: I can trace my lineage back to 1225 so by Jon’s definition I must fit in to what is truly English? or…?

Comment by pete.h

but alot of people are sayin on this page that the foreigners are comin over and taking all the jobs.what about all the british people who are emigrating to australia and canada????
bruce you have put 10 brilliant points up but can u stop being a smartarse because no one likes a smartarse.

Comment by pete.h

britian had so many inspiring people
winston chruchill
florence nightingale
jane austin
lord nelson
robert burns
oliver cromwell
william wallace
ronnie barker
chris columbus
also britian invented lots of important things and started the industrial revelotion. invented most sports and laws.
also we have the best army in the world, not the biggest and havent got the most money but we have the british bull dog spirit, stiff uper lip and cool under crisis.
we have the best enlite force in the world – the SAS alot of other elite forces are trained by the SAS like the amrican marines and the russisnd
we was the first country in the world to have the police, trains, eletricity, sewages – toilets
we have the best musicians and bands the world has ever seen – the beatles THE CLASH the who THE ROOLING STONES elton john THE KINKS- oasis
we help other counties out wen their in need
and we do and have done so many more things but i really cannot be arsed to write them down.
BTW IN MY 3RD COMMENT I PUT THAT THE YANKS did help us, 2 years INTO the ww2 but i pisses me off wen they say ‘you wouldnt of won the war without our help’ because that is true.I PUT TRUE BUT I MEANT IT ISNT TRUE
just one more thing i need to say
Rule Britania!
Britannia rule the waves.
Britons never, never, never shall be slaves.

Comment by ColinG

I was wandering about and bumped into this site somehow… I think Bruce may have been referring to the Battle Of Briton, which was near the beginning of WWII. We were sort of alone. The US were keeping out of things, isolationists. They really didn’t want to get involved. They saw it as someone else’s problem until Pearl Harbor. There were many many countries and peoples who joined the fight. We may well have been scuppered if it wasn’t for the contribution from the Poles etc. Just one more comment: A lot of people forget the contribution from the people of the Caribbean, which perfectly illustrates the nonsense spoken by some contribitors to this type of debate. A very pleasant read about this, in novel form, is Small Island by Andrea Levy. Have a nice weekend.

Comment by Paul

Nice use of the word “twunts” Patrick, think I’m going to use that now on as the word for all racist idiots who think it matters what skin colour/lineage you have.

Who cares?? it doesn’t matter where your father/mother is from, or what skin colour you have, religious beliefs or any of that. The people that make England/UK/anywhere great are the nice people who care about others and show community and family spirit and accept people as what they are as a person, and try to make their and everyone else’s lives better as much as they can.

Some people who are not born in the UK are like this and some are not, some people who are born in England and have English lineage are like this and some are not, some religious people are like this some are not, it is an individual person that is good/bad/boring/stupid/racist or any of that, so can we stop talking about it its annoying me

If people are proud or happy with England/the UK as it is then good on them, whether they are Black/White or other, if not then try and do something about it and stop moaning.

By the way nice one Bruce, great list of 10, but I’d have to add Marmite (controversial I know) what a genius food invention!

Comment by zac

although i like myself to be called engish and i am very patriotic all u BNP voters (racists) that protest for old England, u have to remember that England is the way it is today due to the help of many countries in the wars. for over a thousand years there have been invaders in this country mixing with the Celts and true brits. some romans stayed (they werent english, nor were the saxons or the vikings, they stayed, the East of England, from East anglia to humberside was and remained a viking stronghold for centuries! hence East anglia is still called that now). so for a thousand years or more england has not been what u would call it PURE! we are a mixed race country. yes i agree that there are too many poles and eastern europeans in the country and the government are twats for letting it happen and i wish that the monarchy had more ruling power (equal or more than the government) oliver cromwell in my eyes was a prick!
If anyone is too lay claim to true brits, the closest u can get to a true brit is not an english man, it is historically proven that scottish and welsh people are more british (through blood) than the English.
Colin, you say “long live the queen” shes part german so u voting BNP and sayin long live the queen is quite hypocritical. why diss americans, yes they are arrogant, yes there narrow minded (yes they are on average overweight) but the “English” are arrogant and narrow minded. yes we developed america but who lives in her pocket? we do. and thats down to our lousy government. so perhaps try voting for people who are less stuck in the dark ages and try voting for people who fight for things more worth while.
England is the greatest country!

Comment by David C.

With reference to Marmite: Actually the German scientist, Liebig discovered that brewer’s yeast cells could be concentrated, bottled and eaten. This was then called Marmite. So, unfortunately Marmite was actually “discovered” rather than invented by a German.

I personally love the stuff!!!

Comment by Ged

England, Anglosphere, Tea, The Future, Dan Dare,Mungrels, mustard and a proper breakfast.

England Home and Beauty.

Comment by Hibba

A True Briton (British, English, whatever) is one that gorws up in Britain and feels one from his/her heart. End of.

Have a good day.

Comment by Alrda

England?!?Great!?..It’s because of England our world is so fucked up!England is the most devious,most ruthless,immoral and at times,evil,country in the known world.Just look at the middle east,ireland,Hell..the whole f***ing world has suffered at one time because of Britain.Let’s not forget who invented concentration camps and deported whole populations just so they could make more ‘living space’ for theyre own.They don’t call England perfidious for nothing!The shit they did to the irish alone is enough to make you’re stomach churn.We hate you England,we learn you’re bastard language because we have no other choice.Hell we all now the ‘english’ race doesn’t exist,you’re all GERMANS,that’s right,SAXONS,germanic.How’s that for irony.The suffering Britain caused to the world is immense.I hope one day someone will say ‘We’re sorry we screwed you up’.

Comment by Erwin

I observe a close correlation between bad spelling and propagation of nationalistic ideas. However, it is admitted that the amusement of reading such confused bullshit makes up the pain.
Go on boys and do your very best. 🙂

Comment by George Katsanos

Comments and discussions like these remind us how many stuck-ups exist even in 2010. Customs, traditions, languages, European variety, it’s all good and many people overseas envy what we have over here.
But “National purity” is just a tool used by politicians to manipulate the masses.
This coming from a guy whose culture gave birth to what is today.

Comment by Shorty!

England, Britain is, has and hopefully will always be great! The reason why most Britons are so downbeat and negative today is because of the constant slander and defamation of this great nation in every daily newspaper! Hypocritical garbage! One page we have stories of rip off England! Immigration hell and on the front page we have a so called celebrity snorting cocaine! If you read and believe in what the papers say then Britain is no longer great! It’s a country on it’s knees. A country with no money! Which wasn’t really there in the first place but for on a computer screen! It’s a country where the lazy profit and the dilligent struggle! A country where rapists murderers and paedophiles get free reign over their prey! That is if you believe what you read in the papers! Perhaps a revolution is needed! Certainly not from the bnp though! We do need to be reminded on why were are great Britain. And to do this we need to act Like great britons! We need to stop indulging the fame hungry and start rewarding our real heroes! Imagine a world where the police, nurses, firemen, doctors etc where held in the same esteem as the socialites, the manufactured singers. The footballers! Our values have become turned upside down! But not forever is my guess! Form is temporary, class is permanent! A free speaking unshackled, unafraid leader will one day help us out of the mire that is modern Britain!great Britain was. Is and always will be great! We just need to remember who and what were about! By celebrating triumph! And rewarding excellence! By promoting true freedom of speech! Yes we need a revolution! And the empire wasn’t destroyed in a day! It will take time! But it will, it has to and needs to change! The eccentricity of the English. Our self mocking sense of humour! Our great and rich history! Our live of football and beer and family and tradition! Our tolerance. Our gossipping! Our hard backbone! Our never say die mentality! Our caring. Our love of travelling, adventure our discoveries. Our scientists our heroes. Our people! Our food! Our Christmases. Greatness isn’t a state of’s a state in Europe which doesn’t need to be! Were individual and British. Were not European! Far too pasty for that! Were great! Great welsh! Great Irish! Great scots and great English! Great Britain. Is. Has and will always be great!!!!!!

Comment by Lynne

My two comments for the pot (and ones that British people get mocked for):

Queuing – because it’s keeps everything in order and running smoothly…right? Imagine living somewhere that doesn’t utilise the good old fashioned queuing system. It would be unorganised mayhem. 🙂

Speaking in hushed, reserved tones : It’s only polite though isn’t it? I was mocked the other day for being a “quiet little British person” for doing just that; it was during a pub quiz though and the “loud American” (her words) was screaming out the answers…I think we have the balance just right.

Comment by Nav Ali

Ive just been going through these comments and to be honest, some people should be ashamed of themselves. bruce, your a good man like the others who share your views,but the others need to grow up.. my dads is a as you small minded people would call a paki, my mums half paki, but me im British, i was born here, speak English, and do everything that the British culture has to offer, so that makes me British, p.s bruce LOVE your comment on our great countrys history regarding the Saxons from Germany, the Vikings etc this multi cultured society make Britain a great place to live compared to other cultures, and we should be delighted that we have a society as rich and colourful as this. RULE BRITANNIA

Comment by dave

i hate england its a shi.t hole cant wait to get out of it.this was once a great place and a place you would love to live. then all these people moved here just to rip the system if the goverment really wanted to help with the countries dept kick the lazzy good for nothing people out they know who they are i do know a lot of asians and and everyone of then is bleeding the country dry with there cons.. ritch colourful society my ass open you eyes d**head

Comment by dave

and before any dickheads call me a racist im not i have a lot of good asian friends but even them are riping something off

Comment by Bruce

you might not be a racist (I’ll have to take your word for it) but you should learn to spell.

Good luck being an immigrant in another country. Where do you plan to go?

Comment by Suren

I dont know why there is so much difference between the eastern and western world in being open minded.

This comment is for the asian mistreat in the response. English plundered its colonies all over the world for so many years and couldnt it open its small islet for its old colonies now???

Seemingly Selfish….

Comment by David C.

SUREN: Following the end of the Second World War, the British Nationality Act 1948 was passed to allow the 800 million subjects in the British Empire to live and work in the United Kingdom without needing a visa. These people filled a gap in the UK labour market for unskilled jobs and many people were specifically brought to the UK on ships such as the Empire Windrush.

The UK has indeed allowed the people from the forma colonies to settle in the UK. It is of course not sustainable to think that we could keep the doors open forever. We are, after all, a tiny island nation.

Not so Selfish after all….

Comment by RJA

I have lived in Indonesia for a year, I am from the North East of England. When I lived in England I used to get annoyed with some things such as working so hard for minimum wage yet my neighbour was a complete bum who used to sit around on his arse all day (when he wasn’t in prison) yet had a nice car etc. However I can see past that. There are bums all over the world! England is the best country in the world. The weather, the food, the countryside, the sense of humour, the opportunites, the cities, the buildings, the culture.. Obviously its not all perfect, but name me one country that is?! Anyone who thinks England is awful must please come and live in Indonesia…go on I dare you!

Comment by Steve C

My wife and I have lived in Perth Weatern Australia for 30 years. After a holiday back in the UK last year we have confirmed in our minds we are English, we are British and are proud to be so. We have now sold our home and are returning to the UK. Australians are the most racist ignorant bastards on the planet. They think they have a sence of humour and laugh at themselves (this is the biggest load of crap in the world).They are also the also the worlds worst losers in sport. You should have been here when the aussies lost the rugby world cup in 200e and the ashes.All we can say is that Aussies are the Worlds Biggest Wingers.

Comment by Sir Obver

11th reason why England is great:

Big Bother blocks social-networking websites and messaging services now, in addition to permitting pervasive surveillance… George Orwell rotates in his grave…

Comment by JustMe

Steve C, I wish my family would see sense like you have.

My family moved to Australia in 2005 and I have to spend the rest of my childhood here until I’m old enough to finish school and get the hell out. I am literally aching to return to England. Australia does nothing but bang on about how brilliant it is and how the fact that it has people from other countries living there somehow makes it better than everywhere else. To them, multiculturalism is great so long as you’re interesting and you keep your head down. I listen to lectures every day in class about how Australia is the most diverse, tolerant country in the world then go outside and get teased constantly for daring to be English. I’m absolutely sick of it and I can’t wait to get out and go home.

I just wish my family would come to the same conclusion as yours. It’s damn hard being an immigrant, and I even look the same as everyone else. I can’t imagine what it must be like for all the non-Anglo-Saxons out there. Just three more years to go…

Comment by Pip

To JustMe – I’ve been in Australia for over 30 years, and agree completely with you. They never let you forget you are a tourist – still, its easier to get a job here – which explains why I am still here! All the best

Comment by James

no.1 – nhs… its defines england

with regards to ww2 i think it matters so much because englands history is quite brutal and empire building isnt morally good. yet when it mattered, when the greatest evil known in history rose up, we were the ones who stood against it when everyone else in europe fell, and i think thats why it matters. we were redeemed and from that event had a morality that stays with us. we still do things that arent right (iraq!), but we did what mattered when it mattered and we shoul dbe proud of that.

(ps – ireland werent in the war, even though hitler bombed dublin once after the firebrigade of the republic put out fires in belfast – interesting i think)

Comment by James

everyone who has written on here is a lunatic. starngely i was looking up good things abotu england because i was returning from abroad after 4 months and missed england… then i remembered what i said to my mate in holloway (london) jsut before i left, that everyone in england is mad and its like a massive mental asylum. he said it was like lord to the flies, and that being on an island eventually we just would go mad. this message pretty much proves that, and clearly everyone in england is totally mad.

at least they are our mad people, even if they are barking!

Comment by Mart

I’ve got dual Irish and British nationality but it really pees me off to read Aldrda’s comments. You might hate us but still enough Irish choose to make their homes and lives in Britain. Ireland was taken by many races until the Normans divided it up to Norman nobles who became eventually British themselves. So of course a long held nationalistic Ireland has existed. Britain, like any conquering nation, wanted to keep it and thus years of bad behaviour on both sides. And yes I do know the true history of the troubles and what the British did.

I think what makes England (and Britain) fantastic is our amazing cultural mix that while has many problems still works better than in many other countries. If only multiculturism was changed to everyone being part of just one culture.. British. We have supported other nation states for the general good – giving huge numbers of our people to fight for others when really we didn’t need to. As a nation we have grown from trying (and often succeeding) to dominate the world to being a fair and decent member who generally keeps to the rules. The nations that have grown from us – Australia, NZ, Canada and to some extent the USA have inherited a lot of our traits and all deserve their national pride.

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