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Ten years and a new business

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Some people get all the luck, eh? Nongyow has already been graced with the opportunity to procreate with me—twice!—and also has the luck of living with me for ten years now. That’s over 3500 opportunities to witness how fabulous I look first thing in the morning.

So to celebrate ten years since publicly signing a bit of paper, we went out to a Loch Fyne restaurant and ate our own bodyweight of lobster, clams, mussels and fish.

This month will also see the launch of Nongyow’s business teaching Thai cookery. Here’s a sneak preview (and a bit of spousal link pimping): if you want to learn authentic Thai cooking in your own home give us a call.

As an aside: have you ever tried making a website for your nearest and dearest? It takes much longer than for any client and is an order of magnitude more painful. It’s like teaching your other half to drive, but without all the opportunities to look down on them. This one still looks a bit shite in IE6, but I’ve got a total mental block on the bugs of that legacy browser. And any recommendations for a secure PHP form mailer would be welcome; the one my host recommended needs some tweaking in the accessibility department (legends duplicating labels, for example).

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Comment by Bruce

Thanks Rob – that’s what this one is. My web host recommended it as secure, but there are more bells and whistles that I need, and I’m finding it hard to customise.

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