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The crappest gig I’ve ever done

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We had a gig last Saturday, which already annoyed me as I’d written it in the Friday square of my calendar, so I’d booked tickets for A Midsummer Nights Dream for Saturday. So I had to sell and thereby angering Nongyow, who’d been looking forward to it. So we decided to keep the babysitter and she’d come along to join the adoring music-loving throng.

So, I arrive at the venue at 7pm to help unload the van. There’s a printed sheet of A4 on the door: “Due to police enforcement, we cannot serve alcohol tonight”. WTF??

It’s true. A mistake on a license application had caused the police to prevent them selling alcohol until Monday. There was a Birmingham City match earlier, so everyone had gone somewhere else to watch the match and drink. The pub’s empty.

I’m all for not playing, until our guitarist Lee drops the bombshell that he’s leaving the band and tonight’s his last gig. The barmaid confirms that if we play, we’ll be paid, so we decide to see Lee out with a bang and play highlights of the set to the barmaid and Nongyow.

Just as we finish, we get a call from the babysitter: can we come back early? James has got a nasty cough and has thrown up all over his bed.


3 Responses to “ The crappest gig I’ve ever done ”

Comment by Ian Lloyd

Oh man, that truly is an awesome gig. Did you finish the set by stage diving … on to the cold empty floor? “Thank you Birmingham, you’ve been a great audience!”

Comment by cynara

aaaw honey, not like back in the good old days eh?
all the girlies clamouring to see you guys play while i got to play smug girlfriend.
oh yeah, you never did write that song about me, git.

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