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The thinker: Patrick Lauke creating

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Many have praised the genius of Patrick “Herb” Lauke, but few have witnessed such a great thinker in the act of creation.

I was fortunate enough to witness such a Rodin moment when we appeared together at a day-long workshop called Real World Accessibility, and I was privileged to be able to photograph it.

(Maybe NSFW if you’re in a really uptight office.)

Patrick Lauke, trousers around ankles, sitting on toilet
Who can tell what great things were in the pipeline at this instant?

8 Responses to “ The thinker: Patrick Lauke creating ”

Comment by Ian Lloyd

I cannot *believe* you actually went and published it. And Patrick, the answer is: “Yes your shit does stink” … but you don’t need to get your nose that close to ascertain, surely? 😀

Comment by Mike Cherim

Holy shit, destroy my mental image why don’t you. Next thing you know you’re gonna be telling me Zeldman puts his pants on one leg at a time.

All the mystery… gone 😉

Comment by Julie Howell

Patrick, Bruce will be spending a night at Howell Mansions this week. If there is ANYTHING, ANYTHING you want me to do to him by way of vengence (shaving, tarring and feathering, locking out of the house naked, etc.), it’ll be my pleasure.

I note you’re in the disabled toilet…

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