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The Undertones’ ‘Thrill Me’

First gig I ever saw was The Undertones at the Odeon in Birmingham in 1980. They rocked so much that, 27 years later, I still play “Teenage Kicks” in my band.

So when I discovered that they’d reformed (without Feargal Sharkey) and released an album I had to buy it. And it’s great! The opening song “Thrill Me” is a complete classic, with a chorus that’s running through my head constantly.

Turn your speakers up!

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8 Responses to “ The Undertones’ ‘Thrill Me’ ”

Comment by Rob Kirton

I saw the Undertones on what turned out to be their farewell tour, absolutely brilliant gig. I liked the new number, though it was odd thinking of them without Feargal. He was great in his day, veins bulging from his forehead and so wound up. I just couldn’t believe it when he went all MOR and decided to do the chicken in a basket shows.

Comment by Mark

Saw the Undertones 25 years ago in Bournemouth, saw them a few weeks ago again in Bournemouth 2007.
Fergal was great, but the new front-man Paul is a great improvement.
He did Justice to the old classics and is awesome on the new stuff,
“Thrill Me” has got to be the best Undertones track of all times!

Comment by stuart

Seen the Undertones 4 times now in the last 3 years and never get bored of watching them,in fact last gig at manchester academy 1 managed to persuede 11 mates to go and everyone enjoyed it.Thrill Me is a great track totally underplayed and never recognised by the powers that be, I feel a couple of the new tracks coming on the new album will be just as good if not better.Great band, great music & GREAT LIVE.. stuart.

Comment by michael

No dout the present singer is very good.But to put him in the same class as Feargal Sharkey is very unfair,Sharkey was a breed apart.Different class.
Reason i say unfair is no matter what the topic,people are always going to say “aye,it’s good but the original was better”And in this case i to believe that to be true.Feargal Sharkey, had a one of those voices you just dont come across very often.So leave Paul McLoone to do tbe best he possibly can and good job he’s doing.But for me there will only ever be one UNDERTONES at that’s the ORIGINAL!

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