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The wonderful world of Julie Howell

It must be fab to be Julie Howell. Last night, she won a special lifetime achievement award for her work with the RNIB and her efforts to bring digital access to people with disabilities, hot on the heels of the finest accolade a woman could be given: I told her she has a nice arse. Does it get any better than that?

As you’d expect, she kept her usual regal composure and dignity when accepting the award. Congratulations Julie!

Return of the Friday joke

There’s two teenage Liverpudlian girls looking in a jeweller’s window. “That’s the ring I’ll ask for when my boyfriend and I get married”, says one.

Her friend replies, “That’s the one I’d get”.

Suddenly, a Cyclops crashes through the window, and shouts angrily, “Who are you calling a one-eyed get?!”

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One Response to “ The wonderful world of Julie Howell ”

Comment by Julie Howell

Ah Bruce… life’s what you make it. It can be brilliant and at the same time terrible, and terrible but at the same time fantastic. Winning awards is very nice but it’s what you do with what you’ve got when you wake up in the morning that counts. I wish I could say that I make every moment count, but I know that I don’t. Still, yes, I’ve had a good week, all told (marred slightly by a dreadful hangover) – no room for complacency, however! And thanks – considering having arse insured, or maybe cast and made available as a door stop, desk ornament, etc…

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