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Weekend miscellany

Jim O’Donnell points out that the National Archive have done a web site about Victorian prisons, with some blind/partially sighted students, which looks very nice and has sleek code.

Meanwhile, Anne van Kesteren has written a very useful guide that’s an overview of the differences between HTML4 and HTML5.

The Korean film, A Tale of Two Sisters is deliciously creepy, beautifully filmed and elegantly acted. (Isn’t Korean a lovely-sounding language?)

Pat Lauke points out that Jeremy Keith fell into the cheesetrap at @media. If only he’d known about the Tim Berners-Lee Quote-o-matic! quote generator.

There are some people who say that worrying about web standards and accessibility is an indication of much too much time on my hands. I wish. Anyway, people who collect old Teasmades, they’re the ones with too much time … Man, I love England and its eccentrics.

I was shocked to find my James, my six year old, typing “Thomas” into the Youtube search engine and getting user-filmed Thomas snuff movies. Will no-one think of the children?!?!

And, I don’t want to bring this up, but me and your friends have been a bit concerned about you lately. Ask yourself: are you popular?

Friday joke

Some researchers in Paris have discovered that the Hunchback of Notre Dame wasn’t a real hunchback. He was merely a quasi-modo.

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