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Worst midi tunes

Inspired by Olia Lialina’s Vernacular Web essay I began re-enjoying some dodgy old midi music that I’d collected.

I’ve always been fond of the Depressing Classic Rock Midi Songs page, but in my opinion, the worst midi version of a song ever is’s Bohemain Rhapsody.

Play it all the way through. Bismillah. It will not let you go.

7 Responses to “ Worst midi tunes ”

Comment by Jim

While hanging out in the BFI bar on tuesday we were serenaded by a lounge version of ‘She Sells Sanctuary’. That was very bad indeed,

Comment by Isofarro

Geez…. The rendition of REM Everyone Hurts sounds worse than a ZX Spectrum cassette at full volume. Perhaps I need to load it into a Spectrum and see if there’s a hidden message.

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