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Accessibility and mobile standards; Veerle Pieters interview

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Because I’m just TOO DAMN SEXY for just my own site, I’ve been leaving little deposits on other sites, too.

It may be of interest to you that WCAG 2 and mobileOK Basic Tests specs are proposed W3C recommendations.

On a less techy note, I interviewed Veerle Pieters and she basically told me there’s no hope for me as a designer. That’s another illusion shattered then.

And, because it’s not all me me me, Richard Rutter pointed out the minutes of a 23 October W3C meeting where Mozilla, Opera, Microsoft, Nokia and others discuss proper Web Fonts (not DRM-ridden proprietary stuff). We need this to happen on the Web.

Any Turkish speakers in the house? I’m very rusty, and a comment about my song “Closing My Eyes” reads “‘Closing My Eyes’ dinliyorum….çok çok güzel… ve beni çok eskilere götürdü.. seninle duygularımı paylaşmak istedim… iyi geceler…..”. A random machine translation says “I listen. It really really to beauty . . . and moles numerous veterans took . . .. . I wanted . . . to share the feelings of a year Good nights. . . . “.

The “moles numerous veterans took” part is slightly baffling.

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Comment by Bruce

The charming Yeliz Yesilada helped out. The Turkish comment is “I listened to ‘Closing My Eyes’. It’s very very beautiful. It took me back to the past. I just wanted to share these feelings with you. Good night.”

Thanks Yeliz!

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