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BBC remove hCalendar from websites

An Event Apart Boston is going swimmingly, but I’m taking a break to post this story from a BBC site that explains that the BBC has taken the decision to remove the hCalendar microformat from /programmes until

More at BBC radiolabs blog.

(More detail and backstory)

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6 Responses to “ BBC remove hCalendar from websites ”

Comment by Pete

No idea what this blog is about, but thought that I’d take the time to tell you that you are missed over here mate. Have a great time, and hurry home!

Keep safe.


Comment by Graham

Hi Bruce, Hope everything’s going well in Norway. Good to see the Thailand crowd all looking so well in the photos. Take care and all the best to you all
Graham & Phai

Comment by Todd

Isn’t that just “concerns” over the usage of the abbreviation design pattern that are unfounded because of “The concerns are purely centered around the (mis)use of the ABBR design pattern.”

Isn’t there anyone there at the BBC that knows about this?

OH: Bruce it was great meeting you @ AEA Boston, hope to keep in touch. πŸ™‚

Comment by Todd

I stand corrected. πŸ˜‰ The air is a lot thinner up here when I stand up, which possibly accounts for my momentary lapses in reason. Though I would like to think of myself as somewhat educated.

and yes, thank you for what I learned from here, it helped immensely.

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