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Congratulations Patrick and Millsy!

I had a lovely weekend in Edinburgh as a guest at the wedding of Patrick Lauke and Karen Hay, where I was able to present them with his’n’hers Hello Kitty lollipops to celebrate their nuptials with.

bride and groom with hello kitty lollipops, one pink and one blue

For someone whose full name is Bruce Cameron, it’s remiss of me that I’d never been north of the border before, and this was a great introduction. Karen is a Scot so the wedding was hibernian: gentlemen in kilts, Haggis wi’ bashed neeps and tatties as part of the wedding breakfast. My hangover was, however, North Korean in its brutality and grim longevity.

It’s surely the only wedding ever at which web accessibility was mentioned in the Best Man’s speech. (Flickr group)

Congratulations also to my old friend and colleague Millsy, whose partner Kirsty gave birth to Elva Violet last week.

Normal misanthropy will return soon to this blog, I promise.

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