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End of my first week at Opera

What a week! I’ve been sailling up a fjord, drunk Oslo dry with David-not-Dave, Millsy, Shwetank, Navjot and the other teams, and sung Elvis karaoke. It’s great to be part of a team of completely dedicated and brainy people. The team consists of a Japanese chap, a chinese-yank, a couple of Indian lads, a Belgian, several Norwegians, 4 brits, a czech guy, a vietnamese, an Indonesian, a German, an Aussie and a Swede. To all of you who made me feel so welcome and part of you, I thank you humbly. And sorry for my bad Elvis impressions.

Tonight there’s the Opera summer party, which apparently is legendary although I’m still hungover from last night. I can’t go too crazy, though, as tomorrow I’m flying back to the UK to be reunited with the family, and go and see My Bloody Valentine at the Roundhouse (I am so excited!) and then I’m up at 6 on Sunday to fly to the USA for An Event Apart.


Here’s a set of pictures of the Opera team.

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Comment by Christophe Strobbe

Please say hello to the Belgian for me. I didn’t know Opera employed a fellow-countryman.

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