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Friday joke

Down in the tube station this morning, I heard a busker playing “Dancing Queen” on the Didgeridoo. I thought, “Now that’s aboriginal”.

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Comment by Bill Lees

Puts me in mind of the story of Nye, the indigenous Australian Olympic class oarsman and his meeting with the renowned socialite, Norah Lenderby.

I’m sure you can remember it, Bruce …….

Comment by bruce

I’d forgotten all about that on Bill! And your reminder also called to mind the time you challenged me to invent a joke about a lighthouse keeper.

The result: What’s the difference between a highly-rated Chinese chef and a lighthouse keeper. Answer: one ranks on his wok …

Comment by Bill Lees

Or even – “What’s the difference between a book collector who notices a foul odour emanating from his volumes of 13th century allegorical literature, and a transvestite?”

I’ll leave the pleasure of the punchline to you ……

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