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So, November’s been a big month—I’ve had a birthday and a cold, helped release Opera 10 alpha (Web Fonts, 100/100 Acid 3 and 30% faster…) and the draft British Accessibility Standard. I’ve been to Oslo twice, and toured Indonesia.

It’s been exhilarating, eye-opening and fun, but has taken its toll physically, so I’m officially hibernating until New Year to keep them pesky scleroses at bay.

If you need any contact with Opera until then, please seek out Chris Mills who can help. If you email me and would like an urgent response, please re-send it on the 28 December so it’s top o’the inbox.

If you find you’re missing me terribly, next week ZDnet UK will publish my first monthly column—a look at HTML 5 called “Will 2008 prove the year the web grew up?”.

Finally, have a Merry Consumerfest, regardless of which invisible friend in the sky your version of Consumerfest is dedicated to (if any). As regular readers know, I don’t send cards; I think sending pre-packaged sentiments directly into landfill via road and plane is wasteful, so I give the money to charity instead. This year I’m sending a few quid to a charity that my friend Henny is involved with called Stuff for Sam, which

is about raising money for our 4 year old friend Sam who was paralysed in a car accident in 2005. We hope to raise £30k to help buy him special equipment to stimulate and help him develop.

They’re nearly at that target if you feel like helping too.

See ya.


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4 Responses to “ Hibernation ”

Comment by JackP

Yeah, have a good ‘un yourself Bruce. I would say ‘have a nice chill out’, but it’s more ‘bloody freezing out’ at the minute 🙂