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Hurray for Amsterdam and Fronteers

What a lovely city Amsterdam is. And what jolly civilised people the Dutch are. I had a lovely couple of days at the Fronteers conference.

The organisers laid on a boat trip through the canals of Amsterdam, free conference beer during the afternoon break of each day and an aftershow party with traditional Dutch food.

I challenged the Pete Le Page from the Internet Explorer team to a drinking contest. Although I initially threatened to drink so much that he would have Layout, we eventually called a truce thanks to the diplomacy of that Henry Kissinger of DHTML, Stuart Langridge (seen making the peace sign). The other presenters were as charming as Pete, and I was especially glad to meet Vasilis van Gemert, with whom I’d worked to get our slides together.

Thanks PPK, Fronteers members and all the attendees for a lovely conference.

The slides for the panel that Vasilis and I presented on SEO and accessibility are on the Opera Developer’s Network.

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