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IE 6 back from the grave

Just when you thought you could soon forget about IE 6 and all its charming idiosyncracies, Microsoft have announced that they’re launching IE mobile in China, using IE 6 as the rendering engine.

IE 6 was released in 2001, and was has been called the 8th Worst Tech Product of All Time. And now, in 2008, with their desktop browser nearly at version 8, “Microsoft has brought the ‘full rendering engine of IE6 to the phone'”.

Lucky China.

Update: I tested IE 6 mobile’s standards support.

I work for Opera, which makes a modern browser for phones and desktop, but this is a personal opinion on my personal blog and does not represent official Opera position – you know the blah blah.

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7 Responses to “ IE 6 back from the grave ”

Comment by Henny

Unfortunately IE6 is the dominant browser and version in China and people are very much locked into it as e-commerce, banks and so on generally rely on ActiveX.

Using such an old platform is a real kick to the knees for open standards.

Lucky China indeed.

Comment by Tristan Turpin

Hi Bruce, I guess (maybe I’m wrong) you mix-up IE6 and IE mobile for Windows Mobile 6 . This specific version includes bits of IE7 and the javascript engine from IE8.

Of course it’s still gonna be a shitty browser 😀 but if (I have not checked to be honest) you’re wrong you should provide an erratum.

See you

Comment by budhy

Hi Mr.Bruce
Is Budhy from Ma Chung University, hope you like your visit in Ma Chung, nice Indonesian opening, saya Bruce, saya orang Inggris, perfectly spelled

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