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In the office

Sure, I miss some things about working in an office like the social chats and the people to bounce ideas off, but some things about working from home in the summer are hard to beat.

picnic table with laptop on it, under cherry tree and surrounded by flowers in sunny suburban garden

Friday 4 July joke

It’s 4 July – time for my yankee readers to remind themselves that America rules and England sucks.

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Comment by Bruce

Rum and coke? No chance! It’s vişne suyu – Turkish sour cherry juice – that was my fave drink when I lived in Turkey. Hadn’t had it for a decade, then saw it in my local Asda for 66p/litre. Half a glass of vişne, topped up with soda water is the ideal soft drink for me, as I hate Pepsi and Coke because they’re too cloyingly sweet.

Derek, you’re welcome anytime. I’ve an ash tree that needs felling, so a visit by a Canadian would be very timely.

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