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Infallible cure for earworms

Naturally, my music taste is impeccably eclectic, sophisticated and erudite. My favourite bands are better than your favourite bands in every possible way.

But sometimes, even I get infected with earworms: some ghastly mass-produced crap like The Spice Girls or Take That finds its way into my brain and will not let go. This week, for example, my car CD mix of Burial, Amritakripa, The Pop Group and Natacha Atlas has remained entirely unlistened-to as I guiltily polluted myself with the latest earworm—“About You Now” by The Sugerbabes (for chrissake).

But I’ve cured myself, through the simple remedy of going to YouTube and overdosing on the self-made videos of angst-ridden teenage girls singing it in their bedrooms.

Actually, I still found myself thinking, that last link is pretty good. So I needed a magic bullet. Here it is:

Hey Presto! Earworms are gone.

16 Responses to “ Infallible cure for earworms ”

Comment by Jim

A middle-aged bloke searching youtube for teenage girls in their bedrooms because he’s annoyed by pop music. Riiiight… I’m sure the judge will understand when the indecency case comes up.

You could at least have given us a video of Natacha Atlas changing her shirt in the back of a taxi.

By the way, this post reminded me that I own a Natacha Atlas album – Halim, which is going into iTunes right now. Thanks for that!

Comment by Bruce

I went to YouTube to indulge the earworm and was amazed to discover a subculture of people who seem to spend their lives in their bedrooms posting karaoke versions of other people’s songs.

There’s also kids who make videos for ancient songs (e.g., The Beatles’ Rain) and who do mellow acoustic My Bloody Valentine covers.

Truly, what the Web was made for. And thus, I pissed away the three hours I put aside this morning to upgrade WordPress and write a new theme.

By the way – the newest Natacha Atlas album, Mish Maoul (Flash, Sound) is her best ever, I think. Track 3 Hayati Inta is fab: crazy bass, fuzzy guitars, ululating women and groovy drums).

Comment by Pete

We could sing her under the table mate….! We should put our own rendition of a few classics on YouTube. It’s been at least a month since we practiced last, and I know the World has room for another Hall & Oates.

Comment by Shez

Listen everyone – Bruce hides his Take That, Boyzone and Westlife CD’s when y’all go round to his place, just to look cool, when in fact he has no taste in music whatsoever. Sugababes is probably the coolest band he likes…

Tee hee!

Comment by Gill

Sorry Bruce but I have to offer a far more upmarket version of that song, as reviewed last month on my blog, which has an entire web site backing it, not just a measly YouTube Vid.

Now when you can perform an entire song backed only by a GameBoy, then I think you’ll be ready for the big time.

Sugababes track “About you now”

Comment by Bruce

By God, Gill, that’s a genius find – and a guaranteed cure for this particular earworm.

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