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A mixed bag of a post as I rush to get a plane to Amsterdam for the Fronteers conference that starts tomorrow (I’m speaking—come along!).

UK government draft browser guidance is daft browser guidance

I’ve written a piece for the Web Standards Project about a new government consulation on proposed guidelines on browser testing. Sounds yawnorama, I know, but please read it and respond to the government: if it goes unchallenged, it will reduce choice, inconvenience users of government websites and lock smaller browsers (like Opera, who I work for) out of the market. It looks like we struck a chord; Adam, who wrote the draft guidelines, says that they’ve had approximately 400 responses already. In three days!

Accessiblity in suit and tie

I’ve written a piece for thinkVitamin called Accessibilty in suit and tie about how to “sell” accessibility inside a corporate organisation, with crap technology and the like. It’s a more generic version of my long long article Standards-based corporate web development.

Hello Henny!

When I started at Opera, the top guys said to each other “Why do we only have one übergroovy kickboxing accessibility-lovin’ glamorous web evangelist? We need two! And make the other one a dame!”. Three months and an executive notice period later, in comes Henny Swann fresh from the RNIB and WaSP. (Note to Nate Koechley: Yes, Henny is a girl.)

What a great team of good-looking guys and gals I work with.

New Opera releases

Want to build your own browser in a device?

Then use the Opera 9.6 SDK to build an Opera browser in your TV, picture frame, tablet etc. This new version comes with the same compression used for Opera Mini on mobile phones, so it’s pretty jolly fast. (Developer documentation)

Opera 9.6 beta released

We’ve also released a beta version of Opera 9.6 desktop. This adds some privacy settings I like (so bookmarked URLs don’t appear in the autocomplete address bar, which can be embarrassing at presentations) and adds a low-bandwidth mode for the Opera mail client, plus some useful UI tweaks. Download it but please be aware it’s beta software, so please install it separately from your current 9.5 install

Multipack meeting on Saturday

For West Midlands web developers, and those who care for them, there’s the regular multipack meeting at The Old Joint Stock in Birmingham, to catch up with all the goss from Geek in the Park and dConstruct. Wish I could be there (but will be flying in from Amsterdam) as it’s always a pleasure and a warm welcome.

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