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Marina gets Bronze

Yesterday, the family turned out to watch Marina defend her title of British Champion at light contact kickboxing.

This year she was in a higher weight category with more people in it, and still managed to come third place. She was beaten for silver by Amber (who she beat last year) in the fight videoed below. Marina has the red headguard.

Personally, I thought Marina should have won this fight, as she knocked Amber over a couple of times, but I accept that I’m not entirely objective.

The gold went to the world champion, Lauren. Congratulations to all, especially my little champ!

7 Responses to “ Marina gets Bronze ”

Comment by Owen

I do wish there was more coverage of the amateur sport on the ISKA UK Web site. Any chance of encouraging Pete R to contribute to the site?

Comment by Bill

Blimey – remind me never to offend you (again) for fear of having Marina set upon me. Mind you, I did think Amber looked just a wee bit hungrier in that video (sorry).

Comment by Pete R

I would love to contribute to the ISKA UK site, but I only have so many hours in a day. We need someone (a Geek) who likes doing that type of stuff. I agree it needs to be on the site, but I spend so much time training jy Fighters, and training myself, that I don’t have the time.

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