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Marina’s website

Marina has a blog, thanks to a slightly adapted version of Kawaiichan‘s splendid Rainbow Town theme.

She mocks me that I didn’t have my own blog when I was nine.

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Comment by Marco

That’s cool 🙂

My son, who’s 4, wanted his own site. I don’t think he quite gets the concept of (or is yet interested in) a blog, but he does love taking pictures.

So, we set him up with his own flickr account and mom’s digital camera and away he went.

Now he tells the kids in his preschool class he has his own site, thanks to his cool dad 🙂

Comment by JackP

It’s a bit … well … pokemonish for my tastes. But I read down to the kickboxing bit (plus I remember your ‘proud dad’ blog post) so don’t tell her I said that…

And of course they had computers when Bruce was a kid… why he’s still got a Difference Engine 3.1 in the garage somewhere…

Comment by JackP

I’m twenty-seven (and a bit).

The bit being “another six years”, but I find defining my age in that way gives me a sufficient degree of vagueness and the ability to continue doing so well into the future…

So, no, I’m not quite old enough to remember Microsoft Stained Glass Windows, but if it’s any consolation, I am old enough to remember seeing Ian Dury on Top of the Pops.

Besides, even if I was older than that, that’s no reason not to go poking fun at you

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