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My wife’s just gone to Indonesia

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Actually, that’s a lie. She’s staying at home, and I’m typing this as I look out of my 16th floor window at a panorama of the Jakarta skyline.

After being here a few hours (most of which I spent asleep after 15 hours in KLM cattle class, on which I can never doze), Jakarta seems much like Bangkok. The language on the billboards is different, and there are more ladies in hijab, but there is a similar skyline of high-rise hotels, overhead freeways and the air is filled with the roar of motorcycles and the impatient beeping of gridlocked cars. It’s 28 celcius, not too humid, and overcast as it’s the tail-end of rainy season. I already feel at home.

Breakfast was an eclectic mix of Japanese miso soup, fresh papaya, fresh guava juice, Korean kimchi with Indonesian noodles in chicken and coconut sauce.

As today is a de-jetlagging day, and my 42nd birthday, I’m going to have a long massage and a few hours in the pool. We move to another town near Jakarta late afternoon in time for an early start tomorrow when our hectic schedule for the Opera Indonesian university tour begins. I’m looking forward to hanging out with Zi Bin and Putri, Opera’s Indonesian marketing diva.

The Web is very slow here; gmail is practically unusable, and it’s taken me 45 minutes to download my (admittedly ludicrous number of) emails, so I’m adjusting my presentation to mention Opera’s low-bandwidth mode in the mail client and the ability to ignore specified threads.

16 Responses to “ My wife’s just gone to Indonesia ”

Comment by nurussadad

Thanks for Ur coming at IPB…
I’m one of the Participants….
And Happy Birthday Mr Brucel…..
Allthough Connection in Indonesia Horriblem, We Hope You enjoy for coming In Indonesia

Comment by Rachavidya

Nice presentation at Bandung Institute of Technology this morning
I am an undergraduate student of Electrical Engineering who asked about downloading method of opera
I also use opera because of its good performance

Comment by Najihmuh

Happy 42nd birthday
Welcome Universitas Trisakti this morning.
Enjoy Indonesia & Jakarta, the longer u stay in Jakarta, u r gonna love this crowded city.
Internet connection is horrible? It’s ur hotel’s connection that is bad. Mine, here, in tangerang is always pretty fast.
Well, see u this morning at Trisakti.
Is ur presentation on Opera will change my heart from Firefox?

Comment by nike…
thanx for ur presentation in universitas pelita harapan… ^^….
make me think to change from MOzila.. ^^…
happie birthday too… ^^
enjoy ur day in indonesia…

Comment by Bruce

cool, thanks Nike. UPH was great, as were all the universities I’ve visited.

you know, before I came here I was a little nervous about visiting Indonesia. I apologise for that; Indonesian people have shown me nothing but kindness and a warm welcome. Many, many thanks to all the students and teachers I’ve met in the last 5 days.

Comment by Risanto Darmawan

Mr. Bruce
I was the one that asked for your name card at IPB (my campus) and I am happy too that you like my UPH campus (I graduated from there too). And now Thanks to you and Putri .. I am one of the Opera campus crew. Hope we will meet again.

Comment by ali

hello Bruce, we meet in here now, so nice to know u, with all stories about your family and busy days 😀
so in a few days u will going to leave Indonesia..
so i will lose every happy moment with you, zibin and also putri
i hope in the future we can keep in touch bruce..
and i will wait next time to you to visit Indonesia
especially Bogor..
Tell a warm regards to u’r wife, james n marina.

From The Rain City,
Ali Pangestu

Comment by Bruce

Hi Ali
Now we’re in Surabaya. It was great to meet you — and thanks for coming all the way from Bogor to Jakarta for the meet up!

My best wishes to Dira and Rashia. I’ll put the pictures on my web site when I return to the UK.

Comment by ali pangestu

yes, i hope u have a great moment in surabaya bruce, if surabaya is not far from bogor and i have much free time, i will be there too 😀

Comment by John

Belated happy birthday, mate. From all your friends at a former employer. Slow downloads? Must be just like being back on TLS network. If only we had Opera on the corporate desktop…

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