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Old friends in August

August was miserable as far as the weather was concerned, and pretty intense as the wife and kids went away on hols so all I did 14 hour days most days to try to get up to speed with working for a web browser.

What was lovely about August was the opportunities to hang out with some really cool old mates. Firstly, my old colleague and fellow union rep Bill from MVS/ JCL programming days in the late eighties. We shared several beers in Birmingham and discovered that we remain godless lefties. Hurrah!

Then, my marvellously debauched mate Johnny came to visit from Osaka. Originally a colleague from Bangkok, Johnny looks no different now, ten years, 400 women and 9,000,000 pints later.

The bank holiday saw a family celebration for my kid brother’s 40th birthday.

And last weekend it was off to Cambridge to the home of Steph and her Algerian husband, George. Steph introduced me to my wife when we worked in Thailand and is a woman of great wisdom who can sing “Hotel California” in a seedy Soi Cowboy bar even when incoherently drunk.

George cooked a pre-Ramadan Algerian barbeque and we were joined by Masako, who’s visiting from Thailand with her 7 month baby bump and three year old daugher, Shalala (horrible post-sneeze photo).

Thanks all for such a cool set of reunions!

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Comment by Bill Lees

‘Twas indeed splendid to wag chins and engage in throat lubrication with you again, Bruce me old lozenge. We’ll do it again some time soon.

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