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See me at Fronteers Amsterdam, dConstruct write-up

The summer hols are over and it’s conference season again. This week, on Thursday 11 and Friday 12 September, I’ll be at Fronteers in sleepy Amsterdam, speaking with the lovely Vasilis about SEO and accessibility. Chris Mills from Opera will be talking about Professionalism, and Anne van Kesteran will present on video in HTML 5.

In addition to the Opera Tambourine Band, you can see luminaries like Microsoft’s Pete Le Page pimping discussing IE 8, Christian Heillman and Stuart Langridge doing inimitable JavaScript ginger ninja things, and the co-inventor of CSS, Bert Bos, will be talking about the CSS box model. (Here’s the full line-up).

PPK is the organiser, and says that it

will focus narrowly on CSS and JavaScript…We have asked all speakers to dig deep into one narrowly defined topic of their choice. Therefore the Fronteers 2008 sessions will likely have a highly technical bend and discuss advanced tips and tricks.

Tickets are 250 Euro-thingies (which is about £200 in proper money) for both days, lunch and Party. See you there, I hope.

dConstruct 2008

I had a jolly good time for my first ever dConstruct, as evidenced by my dConstruct 2008 Photos. Despite the horrid weather and over-abundance of beer, I even managed to listen to some sessions.

The highlight for me was Joshua Porter’s “L****aging Cognitive Bias in Social Design” (sorry, I can’t bring myself to type the L-word). There were lots of interesting copywriting and design techniques discussed, and a very useful statisitic: on one client website he increased sales by between 10 and 20% simply by removing the requirement to register with the site before the purchasing process.

Opera sponsored the transcribing of the speeches, so I’ll soon put a link to that speech here (but here’s Alistair Campbell’s notes for now.)

The people at the conference were awesome; it was great to hang out with old mates like Matt and Pete Aylward and new mates like the lads from Finland, the groovy accessibility chicks and Jake Smith, a scouser with the temerity to call me a “pint-sized walking ASBO“.

Usability people wanted

Want to be Bristol’s answer to Jakob Nielsen? Well, you can’t be, because Alistair Campbell does that. But the company he works for, Nomensa, are hiring usability people, so send them your CV. If you get the gig, you owe me a meal out. Deal?

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