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SEO/ Accessibility video

When I was told that our Fronteers conference talk on Accessiblity and SEO was being videoed, I warned my co-presenter, Vasilis, not to watch himself under any circumstances. (Though you might want to watch it– transciption “coming soon”).

He didn’t heed my warning, and told me today “I didn’t listen to your advice, I watched part of the video of our panel session. I haven’t left the house since and I only talk when it’s dark (-:”

I only managed to sit through 30 seconds – long enough to tell myself to

and was somewhat chastened to see the first Google ad next to the vid says “Cut down 9 lbs of stomach fat every 2 weeks by obeying this 1 tiny rule”. Even Google thinks I’m fat—the bastard.

Couple of other things:

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3 Responses to “ SEO/ Accessibility video ”

Comment by ulrike

Great presentation and very handsome co-speaker. Good points although the audio quality is not great and you do fidget a lot 😉

Comment by Bruce

Yes, Vasilis is a lovegod. No need to rub it in!

I think the fidgeting is because usually I present standing up, so I prowl.

Sitting down, I’m like a caged tiger. Or at least, a battery-farmed chicken.

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