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Web Accessibility – in Japanese!

Goodness, whatever is this, poking cheekily out of my signature Hello Kitty backpack?

me, wearing pink Hello Kitty backpack, from which protrudes a green  book with Japanese writing on the front

Why, it’s my Web Accessibility book, snappily re-titled Webアクセシビリティ ~標準準拠でアクセシブルなサイトを構築/管理するための考え方と実践, translated into Japanese.

It’s the Seijin shiki festival on 14 Jan, so why not buy several copies for your Japanese friends?

There’s also talk of the book being translated into Chinese. Who knows: one day I might even see a royalty cheque.

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11 Responses to “ Web Accessibility – in Japanese! ”

Comment by Jim

Google translate does Japanese to English, and says your book is called ‘Accessibility standards-compliant AKUSESHIBURU sites to construct / concept and practice for managing’. Whatever akuseshiburu is…

What’s the Chinese title? How about a Maoist ‘Serve the people – produce creative and productive accessible web sites.’

Comment by Robin

“Whatever akuseshiburu is…”

Phonetic transliteration of ‘accessible’. The phoneme split is a-ku-se-shi-bu-ru, where ‘ru’ is actually halfway between the English ‘ru’ and ‘lu’ sounds.

Comment by bruce

Indeed, Patrick. But the statement also shows that 99.8% of sales were in the first quarter of publication – the last quarter of 2006. By my reckoning, the sun will go nova before we see any cash.

Note to any budding computer book authors: before you bother, find out from your publisher if they have any plans to market the book at all (or even, in the case of Apress, to acknowledge your participation in it; the last one I tech edited didn’t even credit me!).

Jim – the Chinese version is provisionally entitled “Let a thousand alt texts bloom”.

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