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Why isn’t WiFi everywhere?

I’ve only had a laptop for a month, so have only been able to take advantage of WiFi for a very short time, but I already find myself getting irked when I turn on my latop and there’s no WiFI. This is pretty unreasonable of me, as I expect it wherever I am. I was legitimately annoyed to spend $270 for a hotel room at the Marriott in Boston, and then be forced to stump up $12 day to use a wire to check my mail in my room.

I travelled for 6 hours yesterday to London and back – and was grumpy that the local trainline hadn’t provided free WiFi on the train. Nor was there any on the tube! I felt cut off, and that really shocked me.

So, come on Gordon Brown: if you want my vote, surround the UK with free WiFi, turn it inwards so the pesky Frenchies can’t use it too and let me roam free.

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Comment by Dave Sussman

I agree, hotels should offer it free. The big hotels in the USA seem to be particularly bad, while smaller ones seem better.

I do a fair bit of work in Ireland and Galway airport, which isn’t much bigger than my house, has free WiFi. My preferred hotel has free internet, even completely open WiFi, not just for guests.

Comment by Bruce

Jim, I was both stabbed and set on fire. But being a lumpen provincial, I enjoy such affectionate treatement from glittering metropolitans.

Comment by JohnPowell

Bruce: You can have Wifi everywhere ever in your car or
on the train.,you can have it over 1,000 miles
away from your base.

To get more information just read my blog

Best luck with your Wifi.

JohnPowell Wales U/K

Comment by simon gray

with the increasing take-up of cheap hsdpa dongle modems from such as 3 & t-mobile, with reasonably priced payg deals, isn’t wifi last year’s thing anyway ?

(@matt – all the wetherspoons in birmingham city centre have free wifi, by the way)

Comment by David Patterson

I also expected wifi everywhere when I got my laptop last year. I finally broke down and tried an experiment with the Cellphone USB device that allows you to use 3G signals for high bandwidth downloads when traveling…… It sucked…. I tried it on a cross coutry trip in the states and the signal was worse than dial up most of the time…. which means POINTLESS. If I am in a big city I can find free wifi within a few blocks usually.

Though, I am excited about the future of in flight internet and hope it becomes widespread soon. I hate paying $12 a night in a hoitel but $12 on a flight is worth it to me…

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