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BADD 2009: Accessibility and what India can teach us

BADD 2009 = Blogging Against Disablism Day 2009.

If you asked most people outside India for their ideas about the country, they’d probably say “fabulous history, ancient glorious culture, techologically third world”.

But here’s two technological things I saw during my recent university tour that we could learn immediately from India. The first is the complete abolition of plastic bags in the capital, Delhi:

Sign in shop window in Delhi: Platic bags are banned. You are invited to bring your own bags.

The second is this full-page magazine advert that reads is now accessible to visually challenged. Yet another step to make the national portal citizen-centric in its true sense. Physically challenged friendly, mobile devides friendly, senior citizen friendly, assistive technology friendly.

magazine advert

I’m not a screenreader expert, so haven’t verified its usability with assistive technology, but I would be delighted to see such publicly-expressed commitment from my “first-world” government for user-centric inclusive design. Compare this with the Department of Trade and Industry fiasco, for example.

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